How code BCE dates?

Many books on my list were first written BCE. Have coded with a - sign before number but system scrolls them with equivalent positive number. What do I need to do?

The folder panel will indeed sort them wrong, but the “list view” should sort them correctly if you use the - sign.

(see on the right where I’ve sorted them in the list view on that column).

What you could do is use BC in FRONT of the year number, and it will look like this:

Yes it does work for Publication dates. BUT Not for the Original Publication dates.

I must be missing something. Here is the same example for Original Publication:

Found part of problem. I didn’t have a space between the - and date. Puts all the negative dates in order but Latest dates come earliest not latest. Tried using BC but that sends the dates to after the present date.

I’m afraid that’s the only way right now. Unless perhaps if you put “0 BC 322” for instance.

Thanks for your help