How do I designate titles as favorites?


I’m having trouble locating a feature that allows me to click on titles and mark them as favorite items. This way, they can be easily identified in the thumbnail view or when using search and filtering options by selecting “favorite” titles. How can I access this option and mark titles as favorites (like color or star icon), so that they appear prominently in the layout?

There is no “favorite” feature, but this sounds like a perfect job for the Tags field!

Just set a tag “favorite” for your movie. Later, use View > Folders and group your movies by tag to see all your favorites!

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Hi AJ,

Tagging is a cool trick to set and find favorite titles, but having an independent favorite feature would be great for this app, considering its many features. I hope this feature comes in the next version.

You could also consider starring your favorite with a rating of 10 stars.

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I’m not sure if this tip works for me. For example, there are many movies that I consider favorites, but they don’t necessarily deserve a perfect 10-star rating; most of them would probably get a 6 or 7 out of 10. However, they’re still favorites, and I enjoy them. I’m convinced that this great app needs a “favorite” button. Until then, we’ll wait! :wink:

I would strongly recommend to just use tags.

Or rating (I don’t know if you use rating in your collection, but if you don’t then a “10 star” rating would be perfect to mark your favorites).

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As you know, it is unlikely that there will be any more feature updates for the Movie Collector desktop software.
More information about that here:

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@RedJabba Just wondering, are you still using Movie Collector in free trial mode?
Because I was not able to find a Movie Collector subscription in your CLZ Account.