How do I set up folders on my CLZ Books app

Hi looking at my CLZ Books app I am showing no folders.

If I want to print of a copy of the books on my kindle it says on one of the questions asked to use folders, that being so how do I create Folders please?

When you have a lot of books in your collection, it can be useful to group them together. For example on author. Format, read it field, etc.

How to do that:

  1. Tap on the Folder icon (top left) to view a list of available folders
  2. Tap on “Authors” and all your books will be instantly grouped on author (the numbers behind each author indicate how many books you have in for that author).
  3. Now tap on an author to view all books you have for that author.

When you want to group your collection on Format, tap Format.
Your collection will now show Format folders. Tap one to see its contents.

To return to no folders, tap the Folder icon > No folders.