How do you use "Collection"

I’m interested in learning how people use “Collection”? In response to an earlier post, Dpwalker gave a good explanation how she uses it as the topic came up and I’m curious; I see how easy it is to set up multiple “Collections” and I see how easy it is to move items from one collection to another. It seems like a lot of work to maintain, but would love to hear ideas or reasons for having multiple collections - maybe what’s at the beach house, and what is at home?

I’ll let others reply how they use extra Collections, but if you’re going to use “Location” I recommend using the Location field per book, and later click the folder button top left and group by Location to quickly see that.

That is because the search in your own database only works per collection.

So say you’re looking for a certain book, you can just search your main collection, and see the location field of that book to see where it’s located. Otherwise you’d have to search your “Beach House” collection first, then your “Home” collection, etc etc.

Yeah - I use location a lot as I have several shelves I use and when I get rid of books, I identify which box they were in on the way out.