How long have you been using Comic Collector?

How long have you been using Comic Collector and which version(s) do you use?
For me I started off with if not mistaken the version 2 for windows, I kept this up to version 10. I have since dumped windows and use Linux POP_OS!, which I think is amazing. I now have switched to the web version Cloud Connect and the phone version. My hat off to Elwin and the gang at collectorz for making a wonderful product.
At one point also I had Collectorz Movie, Book, and not to sure if anyone remembers this Photo collector.
All of them wonderful applications.
After dumping windows I was looking for a secondary tool that I could keep local on my computer and found Tellico for Linux. It’s a collection software, currently I have my DVD collection, Book collection and of course my comic collection as seen below.

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I have no idea what the first version was that I used. My local library used to make CDs with trial Windows software on them for people to take home. I was a teenager at the time but I used that version up to the limit of comics you could add (50?) and forgot about it. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I rediscovered the software and started using it to its fullest.

This got me wondering and found that the first comic I entered was on April 29, 2014. Almost a decade with this great application!

I was just checking that and my earliest add is from 2016, but I have an email receipt for the mobile app from 2013. I think I might have redone my collection when I got the desktop software.

Whenever this version came out

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Took out a trial on 3rd April 2011
Paid for Comic Collector Pro 4th April 2011

If I’m looking at the data correctly I’ve been using it since 2003.
No idea which version it was back then…