How to add missing episodes?

How can I add episodes missing from a TV series?

For example, the series “Sex and Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau” (IMDb title tt4594918) is a TV series with 3 episodes. When I add it to my library in Movie Connect using the IMDb code, it doesn’t show any episodes. I tried changing the ‘Is TV Series’ toggle to Yes but this made no difference.

I see some posts where users are requesting an admin to add episodes. Is it not possible for users to add episodes?

This entry was wrongly marked as a “movie” in our Core database. I’ve just updated it to now be a “series”, and the 3 episodes have been added.

Should be good now (you can Update the entry, or add it again) so you can see the episodes.

You can’t manually add/edit episodes on Connect, but if you run into missing episodes, just report them here Core | Errors - Club CLZ and we will fix them for you asap!

[Prescription: Murder (TV Movie 1968) - IMDb]
Having the same problem with TV series “Columbo”
In the Season One box set it’s missing an episode “Prescription: Murder”

If you can give me the barcode of the columbo set I can make it a box set and add the missing TV Movie.

barcode 025192558320 - Columbo Season 1, missing “Prescription: Murder” and “Ransom For A Dead Man”

Updated in CORE.
Thank you for reporting.