How to add movies to a box set?

Hi, I have the " Vinegar Syndrome’s Lost Picture Show." There’s a list of 12 movies but there’s a short called Deep Inside Vinegar Syndrome. How can I add that? I click on Edit Box Set, then click on Edit Movies with no way to add a title.


No problem! Here’s how to do it: You have to think about it the other way around: the box set is a “field” for a movie.

So what you want to do is just add a new movie called “Deep Inside Vinegar Syndrome” as a loose movie.

After adding it, edit that movie, find the box set field and add the box set to it.

Save it, and then it’s part of the box set!

You can find the instructions here too:

(adding a box set to an existing movie is at the bottom of that instruction page!)

Thank you very much! The instructions were easy to follow with finding the box set field taking a little bit more time to find but all is well in the end.

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