How to aquire the unique ID for each book URL

In Book Connect, each book seems to be addressable through a unique URL. Can we retrieve or export the unique ID number at the end of each URL for every book? In the example below I am referring to “6960368”

Example: h ttps://


It is not possible to export/acquire this ID for all books in one go. You can only do it per 1 book.

I would like to ask you what you need that for?

(you can click a book, click Share, and you can get the URL for that particular book though, if you just needed one).

I am looking to create QR Code labels to be placed inside some of my books that are missing dust jackets. I would like each QR code to link back out to the Book Connect page for each book. If I had that unique ID I could construct a URL needed.

I put in a support request on this earlier this week and was told I could export my database to accomplish this with Excel. However it does not seem possible to retrieve this number or each book’s unique URL from an Export.

I know that I can discover this URL for each book individually, however I have thousands of books and many hundreds for which I would like to do this. A solution for managing labels for a large number of books is my goal.

Is there some other way to accomplish my goal? If not, can I please request to have this data element considered for adding to the software’s Export capabilities?

Thanks for explaining. That is interesting, and I kinda like it. I’m putting it on an ideas list here - perhaps to even extend into a feature for label printing - and include a form of QR code :slight_smile:

But for now I have no workaround other than doing it one by one with the share button. Thanks for explaining, and thank you for your feature request.

This was a much better response than the one I received when I contacted support via email. I very much appreciate your software and your consideration. I look forward to someday having this option. Thank you!

Making the “ID” exportable would be an easy thing to add, but I need to tell you here that if you ever need to re-sync your data that the “ID” will be generated anew.

Would that still be okay?

Is a re-sync necessary only if we choose to use more than one book solution? For example if I restrict my use to just the web based Book Connect I will never need to re-sync?

Please help me understand when I might ever need to “re-sync” my data. If this is something I can reasonably avoid, then yes your proposed solution would work great. Thank you.

A re-sync should be rare, it is just when your mobile app, or Windows program runs out of sync and you decide that your mobile app has the latest data, you would have to clear the cloud, and upload all your mobile app data to cloud. That would break this system that I proposed with exporting the ID.

If you only use Book Connect, then no that should never be needed.

But it is a bit of a strange workaround to make the ID exportable/printable - for something that I think we would rather see a not so “workaroundy solution” for.

I’m on the fence but I’ve put the idea on the board.

Understood. Yeah this would be fine with me. I appreciate your consideration. I will wait to hear back if you can help me reach my goal. Thank you.