How to change the description along the green line?

I’m trying to change the words used to describe my list of movies along the green line at the top. Please note: I’m not trying to change my user name.

Right now that green line at the top just says Barney’s Movies. I’d like to change that to read Barney’s Library of Movies without changing my user ID login.

I contacted Alwin about it back in May of 2023 but I’m not sure if the suggestion was passed along or not. I’d still like to change the description in the green line.

There’s lots of updates in this software, can you make that happen on the next update?

I am afraid that is not possible yet. You can only change your username, but there is not setting yet for changing what it says at the top.

Just for my understanding, can you explain the wish/need?


The fact I didn’t produce, direct or distribute those movies…they are technically not my movies.

However, all those movies are in my collection; I own that collection therefore I would rather have the description read Barney’s collection of movies, My collection of movies, My movie collection, Barney’s Library of Movies or anything else I would like to call it very simply without having to change my user name.

Alwin said he would put it in a list of things to do. I assume it’s still on that list and I’m still waiting for that change to happen. Like you said, it could be a setting to do just that.

I posted the request here to possibly help move that idea along,

Thank you

PS: Hi Alwin, I didn’t realize that was you when I responded back!