How to parse mp3 tracks

Hi all,

Switching from Catraxx to CollectorZ.
Most of my music is in Album-titled directories with numerous mp3 files. How would I parse a file that is "track# - “song title” - “artist” - “Misc” .mp3

for example 01 - Aquatones - Oh It Hurts - Misc.mp3

I know how it was done in Catraxx but the parsing looks quite a bit different here.

Any documentation on helping with this or could you give me an example for parsing in order to scan the directory with the mp3 files into the database as an albun
Any help appreciated greatly.

Dan K.

I used the mp3 tagging features many years ago, but ran into problems, including inconsistencies between mp3 and flac. In the end, I preferred to do the cataloguing in another program (I used Mediamonkey).
It is important also to bear in mind that CLZ Windows is now deprecated, so unless you are already familiar with a specific feature, you should only use features which are supported by Connect. Track level info is not really supported in Connect, so I would strongly advise you not to bother with it in the Windows product, if you don’t already use and understand it.
There are features to import albums by barcode, or by artist /album title, or to do an import from a CSV file.
Look at these first, to see if they give you the results you want. Important: look at the results in Cloud (which is the same as Connect) as this will tell you what will work in the long run.