How to scan my Disk to create my dataBase

Just subscribe Movie connect
Turns out that I have already Thousands of AVIs, DVDs and MKVs on my disk Drives.
I cannot find the button to scan my disk and create my initial DataBase.
Please HELP

I am afraid Movie Connect does not do that.
Movie Connect is web-based software, basically a website running in your browser. It does not have access to your computer’s hard drive.

Also, Connect is meant to be used from any computer and any mobile device. So linking to local files that are on one specific computer does not really fit that portable nature.

I did not realize that when ordering!
Do you REALLY envision me typying in these Thousands of releases ?

If this is the case what should I do ?

  • Cancel my subscription and move “back” to Movie Collector?
    I was a customer from 2010 to 2018 then stopped.
    I remeber it had a File searching import feature.
    Is it still there Has it been improved ?
    Can Movie Collector work in symbiose with CLZ Movies ?
    Lots of questions. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Movie Collector can still scan a hard disk.

Contact us through if you wish to change your subscription.

You can sync with CLZ Cloud from Movie Collector and this will also send your movies to mobile app like that.

No, definitely not.
Movie Connect is mostly meant for cataloging physical collections, like DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K UHDs. We did not envision the usage of Movie Connect for digital movie files, at all.