How to share movies I placed in a “Location”

Hello! I’m I new user and I have placed 20 DVDs in the For Sale folder but I only want to sell 16 DVDs now so I put them in a “Location”. How do I create a shareable link online so that only the 16 DVDs can be seen, and not the entire For Sale folder? Thank you in advance.

Hi @Dude!

You can share your collection online via Cloud. So first you open the menu top left, then sync with CLZ Cloud.

You can email people your list by just sending them your public CLZ Cloud link:

Your cloud is set to “Private” though, so if you want others to see your list:

  1. Log in on that page
  2. Click the menu top left
  3. Click “CLZ Cloud Sharing”
  4. Set your CLZ Cloud visibility to Public. (we will make part of your collection private, later!)

Only show part of your collection to others:
It is not possible to only show certain collection statuses on Cloud - but you can show only “certain collections”!

On your mobile app:

  • Use “Manage Collections” from the menu to add a new collection.
  • Move all your “For Sale” items that you want to share into the new collection
  • Now sync with CLZ Cloud to sync all your changes to cloud.

Now go to and log in and do this:

  • Now use the CLZ Cloud sharing from the menu on the Cloud website to make your “entire database public”, then make your main collection “Private”, and put the one you want to share to “Public”

Private collections can not be seen on your shared cloud.

With that, you can achieve what you would like to I think!