How to view series cover art?

Each series shows the cover of the comic with the last released date. How do I set things so it shows the cover of the last issue in collection?

And is there a way to have that for all series?

I don’t think that’s an option. We only have:

As you indicate, I’m pretty sure that’s set by RELEASE date. In my Action Comics, Vol. 1 folder, for example, I see #362. I own some of the #1 reprints (and then I jump to 362), but those reprints are all from the 90s. So it’s not necessarily showing the earliest/latest issue by issue number.

In Wolverine, vol. 1 there are 4 issues. However, they issued a #1 cover from December 2023. If you look at the issue cover image for Wolverine, vol. 1 it shows that cover from December 2023. I was wondering how i could have the cover image show the last issue (#4) instead. I have a close up image of the issue cover shown for Vol. 1 and a pic showing all the issues.

From what you said, it seems i cannot show the image cover for the last issue (#4) only the latest. As shown in your pic.

Screenshot_20240501_211230_CLZ Comics

This is indeed how it works in the CLZ Comics app and web-app.

It will look at Release Date for the latest or earliest comic to use for Series image.

Thank you guys for all your help. It is not that big of a thing, so I can live with it.

You could sneakily change the release date of the comic you want to have as the series image… but… that might be a bigger deal because data would be wrong :slight_smile:

Yes i thought of that, but i rather have the data correct. It is all good. Thank you all for your help. I figure i’d ask in case there was a way.

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