I can´t do anything

I tried to test Movie Collector, but nothing is usable…

Also made an account, same problem

I see you have a trail for Movie Connect, which works here:

Can you go there, log in on that page and try Movie Connect (our web app and recommended version of our software) there?

The screenshot is from Windows Movie Collector, but I did not see a trial started for the installable software.

I have also replied to your email - if you really do want to start a trial for Movie Collector that should of course also work, so let me know if you need help with that.

I don´t know, what you mean with “trial not started”.
The software says i do and i have 50 title left from 50.

I need a software on my notebook, which i also can use offline in my basement, where my projector and 100 inch screen is.
For adding title i will use it in my office room, where i have good wifi.

Alright thanks for posting that. I would like to ask for some more details to investigate what is going on for you. I will email you in 2 minutes from now with some more questions so we can investigate why the trial is not working for you.
(I will do it over email as the answers are not something we should post online for privacy reasons)

Hi again,

I’ve emailed you about 23 hours ago to ask for some more information, did you receive my email?

Yes and i noticed you might be blocking my “ExpressVPN” connection. Don´t understand why it is blocked (and why the software don´t say it as problem), but I changed the server for other IP and then i could add 2 Titles. But now i get allways:
"Error while connecting to server: 276: Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff]. "

Thanks for trying to help me, but i think i stay at my old (working…) software.

The handshake error is also a firewall problem I’m afraid.

Do you have any means to actually to modify your firewall and allow Movie Collector through?

If you don’t want to continue support that is okay too, just let me know.