I can't find Ghost Rider #2 PS Artbooks

I can’t find this in the database

PS Artbooks Ghost Rider #2
ISBN 979-1-80394-385-5

Published by PS Artbooks Ltd


1st Edition January 2024

Issues #6 - #10

I believe the series in Core is listed as ‘Pre Code Classics Ghost Rider HC’. It has an issue #2 listed.

I searched on your barcode - 9791803943855 - but no information came up online.
Is this the series you are referring to?

Yes and no. I’ve got trade paperbacks they call Softees. The cover for 1 looks the same but 2 in the softees has a different cover. I can make this work… I think they have trades for most of the HCs. Thanks for the reply. Jeff

Is it possible to reply with a usable front- and backcover, so I can add this as a new entry perhaps? Thank you in advance.

Rowdy the best I could do. Thanks