Idea for a future version?

Hello, I have an idea that may be useful for the future version.
I have some books that exist in different languages.
It would be possible in a future version of book collector to be able to add something like “also available in the following languages: (language)”, and if possible, by clicking on it, go to the page of this book?




Thanks for your suggestion. Have you considered using “Box Set” for this?

You could make all editions part of the box set by typing in “Book Name Other Languages” in the box set field for all of them.

Then, in the details at the top you would see all books that are part of that box set, and you can click on the book to go to it.

Give it a try!

Hi @frankie70 -

I have multiple books where I have the same book in several different languages. I add each one in separately. In the title field - I add the book in the language it was printed in (so foreign language to me). In the title sort field, I add the name of the book in English (my language) so that ALL of the books that are really the same book are all sorted next to each other. Like these:

All these books are the same one:

All these books are them same one - starting with the gray book on the first shelf called ‘them’ - the rest that follow are all the same book and in different languages

Within the contents of each book - I add the appropriate language there.