Image Editing Problem - Need Help

When I try to use the image editor I get a error message.


That sounds like a problem with your image editor?
If you start mspaint directly, you probably get the same error?

Works fine outside of CLZ.

Which image editor are you using under Tools > Options > Image Scanning and Editing?

Did it suddenly break? Or is this something you never clicked before?

(MSPaint under Windows 11 has a strange path, and usually just doesn’t work at all on any of our Windows programs under Windows 11)

Yea it quit working when I upgraded to Win 11 a while back. I’ve been working outside CLZ using MS Paint but decided to try and fix it within the CLZ program to shorten the editing process. No luck so far. I managed to add mfc140u.dll but now get a different error.

Anybody out there manage to get it working?

I’m afraid the fix isn’t easy (apart from choosing a different software for your image editing inside Movie Collector!)

Under “Tools > Options” and then “Image scanning and editing” you will find the “path” to your Paint app. That path is wrong under Windows 11.

The path to Paint in Windows 11, for me, is :
c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Paint_10.2108.1.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\PaintApp

so inside:
c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\

To access that folder, you need to have access to your WindowsApps folder: here’s how you can do that:

  1. Right-click on the Start button image_thumb[2][4] and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. At command prompt window type the following command & hit Enter.

takeown /F “%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps”

  • Note: The above command will assign the ownership of the folder “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” to the current logged on user.
  1. Next give this command:

takeown /F “%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps” /r /d y

  • Note: The above command will assign the ownership of the “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” sub folders and files to the current logged on user.
  1. Next give this command:

icacls “%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps” /grant Administrators:F

*Note: The above command will assign Full Control permissions to the folder “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” for all Administrators users.

But to be honest, I would advise to choose a different image editing program, install that, and then use that in your path in the Settings of our program.

I give up on MS Paint. Unable to get it to work.
Any simple & free editing program you’d recommend?

It’s like MS Paint on steroids. I use it all the time.

When installing, it might ask you to install some 3rd party software. Just uncheck that box.

Thanks, but beware the free version is loaded with all kinds of bogus download crap.

Yeah, like I said, just uncheck those boxes during install and it’s fine.

Irfanview is probably the best simple editor out there. It has lots of features that I want - split images, extract from pdf, print to pdf with page size = image size - as well as the basic crop, rotate, brighten etc. Completely free and ad free.

Thanks guys, I’m still looking till I find one I really like. Will check out Irfanview.