Image First: Chew #1


Should be this from the indica.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand and I cant read the screenshot unfortunately.

If you spot an error, please type up what you want us to correct. Thanks!

@CLZ_Rowdy , not sure if this is what the OP is going for, but we have “Image Firsts: Chew” as a series and Chew 1F and 1G.

These Image Firsts can get tricky. They often use the same barcode and differ only by the indicia date and the back cover.

The Image Firsts Walking Dead is up to 8 versions.

In this case, assuming the dates in the Core are correct, the Image Firsts: Chew series has one from April 2010 (1A) and May 2013 (1B). The Chew series has one from from April 2010 (1F) and December 2012 (1G).

So that suggests that there are three unique versions and one duplicate. We have one from April 2010, one from December 2012 and one from May 2013 (with the one from April 2010 being double listed).

@Reinharc I looked into this. I have replaced the Image Firsts’ to the series ‘Image Firsts: Chew’.

One of the entries appeared to be the 3rd Printing. I have corrected and updated the three listings there so it should be correct now.

Thank you for your input.

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