Image search

Howdy team! Would love to pitch a new feature, that could be used across the app portfolio (selfishly I’m a Comics user :P).

Image search. The option to scan an image and return core search results, and also from your own collection.

I’m a huge fan of virgin covers, and it’s often hard for me to remember which book it is without the title printed on it (oh the irony!). It would be amazing to snap a pic, and get the result from my collection, displaying the title, number, variant, and storage box.

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This is on our ideas list to investigate for possible addition to the app, and it would indeed be cool - but if it fails to work like 3 out of 10 times, we would probably already reconsider having this in the app.

In any case, we haven’t made the initial step to actually work on a prototype yet, but the idea has been floating around the office for a while yes.