IMDb Rating removed from Add Movies screen?

I Have a big issue with the new version. Not sure is it a setting or not: When I scan with barcode scanner, before I got an imdb rating directly in the “confirm your selection” window - with the cover and details. Now this isn’t there anymore.

This is essential for me, because I am using the app BEFORE buying DVDs from 2nd hand stores, charity shops, etc. Sometimes I buy like 10-20 DVD at once. It was very convenient to be able to see their rating before buy them. It was basically like IMDB barcode app for me. Could you please return the rating? Could be in the confirm your selection window (when you click to any of the scanned movies) or even better - in the scanned movies list so I can see them all at once.

I understand your usage. But… that is not the Add Movies screen is for.
That screen is for Adding Movies to your database, it is not a “Quick IMDb Rating Lookup screen”.
We re-designed the screen to make the best screen possible for the task at hand, that is, adding movies.

But what was the point of removing features?
what is the value of NOT to know the rating of the movie I just scanned?
The same argument can be made about the rest of the info in the same screen - the length, the actors, the language, the year. IMDB score is just another detail about this movie and unlike the rest of it, it can’t be found on the cover I am holding to scan the barcode at first place.

Please put it as an option, not enabled by default if you think it messes too much with the new concept.

The point was to make the screen simpler and faster, showing only information needed to:

  1. find the correct movie more easily
  2. find the correct edition quicly and easily
  3. make the screen faster and snappier

Hence the complete Preview page was removed, as it was a slow and extra step while adding, and it was replace by a quick and snappy “Confirm your selection” pop-up, that shows you just the info you need to confirm your selection is correct.

The actors are shown to help you find the correct movie, in cases where there are multiple movies with the same or similar title. The same holds for year, country and language.

The IMDb Rating does not help picking the correct movie or release. So that is why it was left out.

We did not remove a feature. We redesigned from scratch and introduced only the info necessary for adding movies.

Play with words as much as you like. Now the app can do 1 thing less than before. The “redesign” caused useful info to disappear. Disappointing for a paid app to deal with features like this. I understand you can’t cover all wishes, but I can’t believe many users were against IMDB score on this specific screen

I still don’t see where is the harm of having 1 more number on the screen (disabled by default). The fact you don’t see the value in this doesn’t mean isn’t there. A paid customer made an effort to register here, and to explain about the importance of this. You decided just to dismiss it with shifting the topic.

I think you’re not being fair.
This is the Add Movies screen. The goal of this screen is to ADD MOVIES to the database.
The old version of the screen just happened to show the IMDb Rating. In the new design we decided to keep it cleaner and show only the info necessary for adding movies.

The fact that you used the screen for a DIFFERENT purpose does not mean that we are not allowed to never ever change the screen and leave out information that you may have needed for your use of the screen.

I mean, how can we ever improve the app if we are not allowed to make changes like this?

Of course no one was against that. That was not the point here.

Not a lot of harm really. But then tomorrow another user will post here he want’s the Studio info back.
Then next week another users comes complaining that he always used the Add Movies screen to look up movie plots.
Then yet another user wants the Director info back, because that was essential to his usage.
Etc… etc…

And I did not shift the topic. The topic here is the design of the Add Movies screen.
Also, I did not dismiss anything, I am just explaining WHY the screen does not show the IMDb Rating anymore. If this forum happens to overflow with users wanting the IMDb Rating back, I am happy to reconsider. Nothing has been dismissed.

The point here is: you are of course free to use any screen of the app for any purpose that suits your need. But: you cannot expect us to limit our screen redesigns because it would reduce the usefulness of screens for purposes they were not designed for.

The old Add Movies screen just happened to work for your purpose of scanning DVDs to find out IMDb Rating. The new one does not. But the new one does work better for the intended purpose and that is what it is all about.

Now I need just to convince all my friends and family to moan about to same :slight_smile:

OK then - idea for another app - IMDB barcode scanner. There is not a single app I can find with such functionality. And obviously you are almost there :slight_smile:


Here’s a good way to do what you’ve been using the Add Screen for:

If you need to use the app for this particular way, just create an extra collection called “Might Buy”. Switch to that collection when you’re at the shop, scan all movies you “might buy”.
And… add them!

Now close the Add screen and in that “Might Buy” collection, with all your movies that you might buy… sort by IMDB number to see the highest IMDb number of all your scans.

Later, just tap and hold the movies you bought, and use Action > Move to Other Collection and transfer the ones you purchased into your main collection.

Remove the other movies, the ones you didn’t buy, from the “Might Buy” collection.

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I am currently doing just this yes. Not ideal, but a working workaround. The difference is that I need to return the DVD somewhere close, continue with the scans, then add them as bulk, and again find the ones (physically) I actually want to buy. Not the end of the world, but often I scan 30-40 barcodes in the shop and is messier than before.