Import doesn't work well

I"m importing my son’s database into my database. He used the export as xml choice. I imported it. The data seems to be there but the fields aren’t lining up with the headers. Can you help?

Can you elaborate on “the fields aren’t lining up with the headers” ?
With XML, that should never happen.

Also, can you provide a bit more context?
Your son is using Comic Connect too? How did he export his list, with which export option? Also, which import option did you use on your side?

Alwin, thanks as always for responding. I got it to work. Actually, I don’t know how, but it works now.

My son has comics connect with a different subscription than mine. I wanted to import his database into mine, I put it in a different tab.

When I imported it, the columns in the view pane didn’t match the data. I don’t know how that happened. But I reset the columns and it all worked.

He exported it without changing any options, just used the menu choice to export. I imported it directly from the file he sent me. I chose the import comic connection file, chose the file and imported it.