Import/export all data

I have several PCs where I use CLZ Movies, when I update/add/delete some films in the office (PC), I would like to update the Features at home too (MAC). From PC to PC I copy the .mvc file, but is there a solution on the MAC?
Thank you

You say “CLZ Movies”, but that is our mobile app.
Do you mean Movie Collector maybe, or Movie Connect?

At the risk of stating the obvious, but why not use CLZ Cloud syncing to keep all computers in sync? That is what cloud syncing is for.

Also, I have to say it, sorry: but the ultimate solution would of course be to use the Movie Connect web-based software. That way you could just log in to the Connect site from any computer and make changes there. No need to sync or transfer data between computers every again :slight_smile:

BTW: you know that the Mac edition has been discontinued 3 years ago? I would really recommend to stop using that and switch to Movie Connect.

Hi Alwin,
we have talked about this possibility several times, let’s leave aside the Mac which as you tell me hasn’t been updated for years, but there is much more information on Movie Collector than on Movie Connect. For example, I use “Features” a lot that I don’t see on Movie Connect. I don’t even see “User Defined”, these are the things that appeared to me before, maybe other fields that I use are missing.
Thank you

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