Importing from Bandcamp

Just wondering…
Is there an easier way to import my Bandcamp purchases (4735 items until today and more to follow…)?

This is how I do it right now:

    1. download zipped wav-files from BC to designated HD-Directory
    1. unzip files
    1. delete original zip-file (in order not to use too much disk space)
    1. correct ID3 tags and download covers if necessary (always call them front.jpg and back.jpg)
    1. import “audio-files” from HD in CATraxx collection
    1. export CATraxx collection to xlm-file (and check ‘export images’ box)
    1. import CATraxx xlm-file collection in Music Connect
    1. unfortunately images have to be imported one by one in Music Collect as they are not imported
    1. make necessary corrections if needed (e.g. correction of artist display and/or sorting order)
    1. delete wav-files in directory on HD
    1. empty CATraxx collection

I’m sure other CLZ-users will have similar Bandcamp collections so can my working method maybe be automated?
Or is importing from BC supported yet?
I’m not that handsome with programming I must admit.