Importing from Txt

Importing from Txt is limited to four fields given as:
Artist; Title; UPC (Barcode); TOC
What is TOC in the context of music? To me it means Table of Contents in a book.
Have successfully imported fields 1;2;3 but the test text I set for 4 appeared nowhere in the Edit Album tabs.

TOC is an internal field that represents the identifier for a CD disc.
It is a text string with all offsets of all tracks concatenated, for example:

150+12007+27749+43216+55300+66449+81003+96490+10955 1+125279+142145

BTW: the import in the Music Connect can import all fields and is also fully flexible, as it lets you map your CSV fields to our fields:

Screenshot of the Connect import screen (it’s from Movie Connect, but it’s the same for music):

Another example of how Connect is lightyears ahead of the desktop software :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alwin. I can certainly see you’ve vastly improved the feature. Bet no-one ever had a text document with TOCs included.

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Wonderful - Music Collector is now Music (book) Collector
Field 1 = Artist whom book is about
Field 2 = Title of Book, Author
Field 3 = Date of Publication (UPC value transferred to release date)
And the ‘find cover image’ option even found pictures of all three books in my trial