Improvements for loans

I have been a user of the Book system for several years.
I have over 1,000 books in my collection. Sometimes I lend them to friends. Friends often forget to return them. I have to remind them to return it. In the information about borrowing, you can enter the e-mail address of the person who borrowed the book and I always fill in this field.
Unfortunately this is useless. It is not possible to send a message directly from the program.
From the beginning, I informed the authors of the need to send e-mails. It seems very simple from a technical point of view. just use “mailto:” and use the default email program installed on your computer. I repeat my request.

Hi Greg,
Using the default mail program is actually not that simple on Windows. Starting a new email using mailto is doable, but actually prefilling the subject and body is harder, especially to get it compatible with different email clients.
That is, that is what I remember from the last time we looked into this. So we never looked into this further.
Also, IF we would implement this, what most users would expect is that it would send out emails automatically when a loan is overdue. Which would also be hard to do, because the software is not always running. A separate process would need to be alive on your computer always to check your database for overdue loans, then send out emails.

Now, in a web-based environment, both are super-easy to do (technically). So I am afraid it is much more likely that features like this will be added to Book Connect.