Improving Autocomplete Suggestions for Tag Searching


I have encountered an issue while using the “Manage Pick Lists” feature and adding tags to movies. After selecting a title and entered some tags, I proceeded to another title and attempted to search for a previously added tag in the "Edit Movie" dialog window. However, the app (Windows version) did not suggest any previously recorded tags.

Are these tags specific to each individual title and not recommended for other titles within the application?

I would like to recommend implementing a general tags box or window with autocomplete functionality. This would allow users to access previously recorded tags automatically, preventing the repetition of adding the same names to new titles and streamlining the tagging process for future entries.

Tags are global, not per title.
And should indeed appear as suggestions.

However, maybe that does not work when you “stay” in the Edit Movie screen.
Can you try closing the Edit Movie screen, then open it again on then other title, then try adding tags again? Do the new tags now appear as suggestions?

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Try pushing this. And a dropdown will appear.

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Hi Alwin,

I apologize for the confusion. I realized that when I was entering the tags, I mistakenly selected the “Owner” section from the left side options. I wasn’t sure why that happened at first, but now I understand. This time, I used the “Tags” section properly for a title and then opened another title with its tags box. Now, it’s displaying the created tags beforehand. That’s pretty cool. Thanks!