Improving Image Quality and Replacement in MovieCollector


I’ve noticed that the thumbnail images in the shelf are of low quality and appear matte. Is there a way to enhance their clarity and brightness for a better display? Additionally, when clicking on an image in the middle window to enlarge it, the larger version remains low quality. In contrast, with the free movie collection software EMDB, high-quality images of the same size are downloaded, likely sourced from platforms like IMDb. (Please see and compare MovieCollector and EMDB images in their shelves and bigger poster size).

I’m curious why MovieCollector doesn’t download similarly high-quality posters for its database. Is there a way to replace the low-resolution images with higher-quality ones stored locally or downloaded from websites?

Moreover, it’s essential that any replacements made are retained and can be restored in the event of reinstalling Windows OS or any other system changes. Is there a method to ensure that these customizations persist without risk of corruption or loss?

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Our Core delivers all over images with a width of 420 pixels.
That is a size that is nice and small, results in fast downloads and the resolution is high enough to show in the Details Pages and Cover views.

You can of course replace the images yourself and they will also sync to the CLZ Cloud and your mobile app.
When syncing, the images will reduced in size though, I think to max 1500x1500.

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I understand that managing large collections with a significant number of users could pose challenges for cloud storage and syncing processes, which might necessitate lower file sizes. However, I believe the thumbnail images on the shelf should still maintain clarity and brightness, regardless of adjustments to the slider.

Additionally, I’m unsure how to replace the default low-quality posters with my own high-quality images in MovieCollector. As a newcomer to the software, I’m seeking guidance on how to accomplish this task.

Storage on our servers is not a problem. We DO actually store our Core images in higher resolutions.

That is a local limitation of the Movie Collector software, it uses pre-generated thumbnail images at a fixed size. Which is causing the blurry thumbs when using the slider.

In the Edit Movie screen, go to the Covers tab and you can set your own images there.

BTW: as a new user, I am surprised you opted for the legacy Movie Collector for Windows software. Why not use the Movie Connect web-based software?
Movie Connect does have better looking cover thumbnails.

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Does this imply that the Windows version will be discontinued in the near future, leaving Movie Connect as the primary platform for managing and collecting? Or will the legacy app continue to receive improvements and updates for the next few years?

I’m currently uncertain about MovieConnect and have opted to use the desktop version instead. I’ll defer my decision regarding the service for now.

Thank you for your assistance.