Incredible hulk vol 4 is being used for 2012 and 2023 series

Clz team.
the new 2023 incredible hulk by phillip kennedy johnson is mixed with the incredible hulk 2012 vol 4. series as if they were the same. ive attempted adding manual and through the barcode scanner with the same results. i cant tell you which vol the new one is because marvel and their reboots.


I recommend selecting them all, then using Update from Core on them, taking care to set the Series field to REPLACE.

That will sort them out.

The 2011/2012 issues should be “Vol. 3”.

Alvin, i completed the REPLACE and it did not change anything. however please doublecheck on your side but it appears the 2023 series has replaced the barcodes for the 2012 ones. the screenshots below are after the replace and a link to another site to view the 2012 barcode.

INH 2012 barcode
INH 2023 barcode

2012 inh #3

I am quite sure that both series are listed correctly in Core. To check that, just look them up in the Add Comics screen.

Using “replace series” on Windows doesn’t always work out correctly.

What you can do is this:

  1. Go to menu Edit > Manage Pick Lists

  2. Click “Series” and search for HULK

  3. Find the Hulk series and remove them (just remove vol 3 and vol 4 if you see them.

  4. This will not remove the comics, just clears the series field for those.

  5. Now in your main screen, in View > Folders > Series, click on the [NONE] folder, which has all comics without series field filled in.

  6. Right click on the selection and use Update from Core, and it should download the correct series for them.

Let me know how you go!

just as an aside as i was doing this i noticed the sort name vs the display name volumes were inconsistent and had duplicate enteries , see picture. deleted them all.

at this step “Right click on the selection and use Update from Core, and it should download the correct series for them”. i selected replace empty field and it worked. man i learned a lot. any idea how it got so messed up?

thank you.

also is this how i should update covers when they go missing? im such a basic user i rarely use the software to this extent.

inh sort list

The mess up with the sort names: it might’ve been because of all the things we’ve tried - I believe the replace option for series seem to not be replacing everything. In any case, with my instructions, are your series good now?

If covers go missing, yes, Update from Core is your go to, no need to hit “replace” for covers there, just updating them should download any missing covers.

Comic Connect
Is there any chance you would consider moving to Comic Connect? You’d definitely not get missing covers there, plus if there’s any trouble we could just log in to your collection and help you fix things from our side, a lot faster!