why cant you see what trust level you has on you icon i would be much smarter my icon is G
and under email it say im trust level 3 but i can see it other places that is stupid ore is im not trust level 3 only 0 but i has a email ther say i am turst level 3

I wouldn’t be too worried about “trust level” on the forum. All good.

The “G” in your icon is just an automatic profile picture that our forum creates if you have not set your own, based on your username “Globus”. So it is a “G”. For “Globus”.

Just would like a better way to see the trust level maybe 3 at my icon ore somthing els i also only got the first badge but does that effekt trust level ore som thing just make it easyer to see my trust level that is all maybe wher you has you info add so you can see you trust level to make it easy to see

But why? The trust level is not important. Don’t think about it.

Trust level has nothing to do with our apps/software. It is just some back end thing for the forum.

I’m closing this topic.