Internet connection error when trying to add comic

I am not able to add comics, i just purchased the Windows and Android bundle and i can add anything on the Windows program. I get an “Internet Connection Error: Can’t connect the internet” I have tried all of the setting suggested in the “Check our troubleshooting guide” and nothing worked. I have no issues when checking for update it tells me that all is up to date.

The problem is in the version you are using. Version 16 is not compatible with our servers anymore.

If you just subscribed, I recommend using version 23.

(in fact, I would strongly recommend using the Comic Connect web-based software instead of the legacy Windows software)

Does that mean the Windows Application is about to dropped since you called it “LEGACY”?

Not dropped, but the development focus is on Connect now.

BTW: We have been calling it “legacy” for many years, that’s nothing new. It just means it is our oldskool downloadable solution.

Thank you for your reply, but the issue that i have is that I paid for the Windows version and it does not say anything regarding compatibility issues.

If you paid for the Windows version, you still need to update your software to version 23. You can download that version from your account at

I am curious though, how did you arrive at version 16??


Here is what is available to me for download for windows.

You purchased a subscription to the app (CLZ Comics) and the web-based software (Comic Connect), not the desktop software (Comic Collector).

Thank you are correct.

Are you going to use Online comic book database software » Comic Connect now? Or was the purchase wrong and do you need help with that?

The online version seems ok