Intro to me -- ditching DVDpedia

Hi everyone,
I am new to the CLZ family after spending the last (almost) 20 years with DVDpedia. Yes, I started using it in 2005! The last few years have been very disappointing as the developer seemed to lose interest and more and more bugs kept creeping in…plus the links to Amazon and IMDB were not being maintained… and I spent way too much time testing out poorly performing BETAS from the developer which never really solved the problems.

Last fall, I became so frustrated I started looking for alternative software. And BOY! am I glad that I found CLZ! The commitment to keeping the product up to date and robust, plus the roadmap is astounding.

The transition has been at times challenging. First the interface is very different from DVDpedia, so the learning curve has been steep. As an example, the way that CLZ handles multi-box is radically different — but once I figured it out, I realized that CLZ’s way is SO much better than the competition!

You might be interested in how I “moved” my library. At first I used the Export to CSV offered in DVDpedia, and the import into CLZ. After doing this a few times as tests, it seemed to create a lot of errors and mismatched movies. Now, a lot of the issue was that my DVDpedia library had many dupes (mainly in format - like when I ditched the DVD as I got the Blu-ray)…and other various issues caused by my, at times, lack of maintenance.

Therefore I gulped…and made the decision to re-input my entire library! And what I great decision that was. I estimate it took my around 3 hours split over a few days to input >1500 discs via the iPhone app. I found titles that I forgot I had…or that perhaps had never made it into DVDpedia…and duplicate discs / titles on different formats. The good news (and a credit to CLZ) is that after over 1500 discs, there was only about 20 discs that it could not locate / I had to manually match / or no barcode.

So now I have a perfectly clean and accurate library (and big bag of old discs to take to Goodwill!). And I am loving the CLZ family…on my computer, iPhone, and iPad!

from Barry – a happy newbie.

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