"Invalid Access Token" Using CLZ Scanner to Add Movies

I’m logged in to Movie Connect on my desktop and wanting to use CLZ Scanner to add new movies. I have activated the CLZ barcode Scanner using the QR code which has logged me in on the CLZ scanner App. However when I then scan a barcode I get an error message saying ‘Invalid Access Token’

Does anyone know why. I have always used this scanner to add in the past and it was easy by comparison.

Could it be that you have not used the CLZ Scanner for over a year?
In that case, the token can get invalidated.

I checked your token and it says “last use: April 16, 2023”. Could that be correct?

Anyway, I have activated your token now.
Can you try the scanner again and let me know if it works now?

Hi Alwin.

Yes it has been a while since I have added any new Movies.

Thanks for activating my scanner. It is now working perfectly. I will try to make more frequent use in the future