Is it CLZ or is it Pricecharting?

For well over a year now, I’ve been updating pricecharting values in the CLZ Games app on a daily basis, usually around the same time every day.

Up until a couple weeks ago, it seems like roughly 10% of the games on my list would get updates (i have about 3500 games between collections and wanted, so usually between 300 and 400 updated prices).

Over the last couple of weeks, updates have been very hit or miss. Some days I will get nothing on practically nothing (today was 11 games), and then other days i get walloped with a 1000+ game update.

Has CLZ changed how they interface with pricecharting, or has pricecharting just pushed out updates less often?

We have not changed anything on our side, as far as I know.
I will check with PriceCharting to see if they changed something.

Quick question: do you have your app currency set to the default US dollars, or to a different currency?

US dollars.

We have checked everything on our side all seems to be okay.
I have contacted Pricecharting to ask if anything changed on their side.

I received an answer from PriceCharting:

We did have a slow down in the processing on these price changes for about 3-4 days. That problem was fixed and there was a big backlog to work through (so lots of updates at once). That root problem should be addressed now. I’m seeing about 200 items repriced every minute based on the current server logs.

I will continue to monitor this to make sure prices are calculated as expected on all of these items.

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for any confusion or problems this caused for users.