Is ther a way to use the filter to show books in a specific order?


I have my collection setup to show up in alphabetical order as the default. I also have filters setup to show various series in my collection.

Currently, when I select a filter, the results show up in the same order that the default view is.

My question is: is there a way to set up a filter to show the results by Publication Year/Date without resetting the default view to Publication Year/Date?

I have tried creating filters with various combinations but haven’t found a way to list them other than main default setting.


Hi @Talut,

It is not possible to combine a filter with a certain view or sort order. Those are all saved seperately.

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Hi AJ,

Thanks for the update. I kind of had the feeling that that was going to be the answer.


I mean you can of course create favorites, but you have to switch all of them on seperately, and then they can work together, of course. I felt that wasn’t clear from my message.

But you can’t like “link” a certain folder view to a certain filter so they all get activated at the same time.