Is there a reason that "Series" is missing as an option in the Search Fields drop down?

Is there a reason that “Series” is missing as an option in the Search Fields drop down?

It appears this is limitation in Book Collector, Movie Collector, and Game Collector, where it is missing as a Search Field. Comic Collector has it as an option, and Music Collector doesn’t have Series field so not relevant.

Since it is missing, search for a Series doesn’t work well, because too much trash data is provided from other fields that are not relevant, like the notes and descriptions.

This is a pretty basic requirement for a collections management solution where Series are a key element in organization.

Can we get this fixed in Book Collector, Movie Collector, and Game Collector, it shouldn’t be that hard give the methods are in place for Comic Collector.

Have you tried Series folders, then using the search box on the left, above the folder panel?

Hadn’t tried that yet, so gave it a shot with the 16 books I needed to add to Book Collector.

It’s a start of a work-around for the problem of not having Series in the general search options (where it really belongs too).

Key problems after using it, is that unlike hitting the in the search field for the folders, only the list of folders refreshes, while the last selected folder is still listed in the main window which means an additional effort to then hit return in the actual search window (which needs to be clear) to again restore the full window of all books.

Also, you can only select one folder using that approach, so if a Series has sub elements or siblings, it is not possible to bring those up in the same view, which would be the result with the normal (not folder) search of Series, since that search is not an absolute match, matches on content it finds.

I have specific items where I need to use one level of series to feed information into a sibling series (e.g. viewing things entered for a Series X, where I am creating a new Series X : Art Books series and need things like genre entries, which Book Collector made more complicated with changes that were made). This also becomes relevant when other variant media, like novel, light novel, or manga are entered where another variant is already present, and things need to be homogenized, updated, or assimilated to the new media variant–for Movie Collector this is less relevant since such media type items have defined values, but might be relevant when an alternative Series is released, like Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045 which is not the same as the original Ghost In The Shell SAC.

Once I try that approach with Movie Collector, I’ll revert with more feedback.

I am sorry to hear that you think of the Folder feature as a “workaround”.
The folders tool is THE main way to slice and dice your collection.

I have recently switched from Collector to Connect. I have gone into the folders under Main and checked Series in the drop down. I had assumed that when I chose Series the alphabet bar would show all the items marked as part of the series. I also have the sorting favorites marked as Series. The problem is when I choose a letter in the alphabet bar it sorts by the title of the book, not the series. Is the only way I can get the series I want to use the drop down list on the side and not the alphabet bar? I know that for Collector the alphabet bar showed by series. Am I missing something?

Book Collector and Book Connect:
The alphabet bar can do A-Z for title and for authors. Not for series.

Here’ a screenshot of the dropdown for the setting for the alphabetbar on Book Collector:


Am I missing something you used before?

I’ve not now used the folders view option in Movie Collector and the same limitations exist as in Book Collector.

It takes multiple operations to clear the display of a selected folder to revert to the full database view, since clearing the in the folder search only reverts the list of folders while the entry view remains at the last folder selected content. Hitting the regular search field and entering with a blank entry, is required to revert to the full list.

So NO, it isn’t the solution, just a work around, and the normal search needs the Series in the drop down options to allow comprehensive search across similar series.

Why is that? Just click the top level “collection” item at the top of the folder panel.

Okay, noted.