Is there a trick to maintaining a stable connection with the CLZ Scanner app?

Hi there! I find that, when cataloguing books on my computer whilst utilising the new scanner app, it loses the connection between scans and I have to fiddle about with it a little before it reconnects. I’m wondering if it might have something to do with how I tend to close the “Add Books” pop-up window to fine-tune the new scanned item’s record in my catalogue before moving on to the next book.

Is there a way to ensure a consistent connection between the desktop programme and the mobile app? It seems like it ought to remain, since—if already connected—I can scan a barcode and it’ll automatically open the “Add Books” pop-up, even if it wasn’t already open. So I’m not sure why closing the pop-up would make the programme want to drop the connection if the app is still active, unless it’s a bug of some sort. Any advice? Thanks!