Is there a way to find your most valuable comics in your collection?

It would be nice to have a list of my most valuable books in order of worth.

What version do you use? For example, in the app, you can tap on All Comics, then tap on the AZ in the upper right corner and then tap on the DOWN ARROW by Value. That would sort all of your comics, from most valuable to least.

You can also tap on the main menu (three parallel lines in the upper left corner) and scroll down to Statistics. The fourth section down is for most valuable comics.

Personally, I use the first method. That also allows me to go into a particular folder first (so I could first go into the publisher folder and find the most valuable DC comic, or go into the Purchase Year folder and find the most valuable comic I bought in 2021, etc.).

You can get the same information in Collector or Connect. In Connect, for example, just make sure you’re showing the Value column (this page tells you how add columns to your view). Then you can click on that Value column and it will sort by Value.


The above is the way!

Alternatively it is possible to open Statistics (from the menu in CLZ Comics and Comic Connect (and under Tools in Comic Collector), and there is a statistic there as well to show your most valuable comics.

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