Is there a way to track changes?

I keep 3 different comic collecting databases (I know it is overkill.) which requires some work to keep them in synch. Yesterday I was messing around with some of the duplicates features and I was clicking “Keep” on all of them. It didn’t do what I expected. Regardless, I noticed that there was some change and now I am out of synch by two comics out of thousands. I have no idea what changed. Is there a way to tell, like an activity log or something? Thanks.

Could you give some more details on:

  • how many comics you have where (which device)
  • the exact message what the sync screen is showing?

Like some screenshots would really help, and your CLZ Username.

And last but not least:

  • Is there a location right now that has the correct amount of comics? If so which location?

I didn’t mean to cause anyone to try to track anything down for me although I appreciate it. I was just trying out the duplicates feature to see what it did. I don’t think it failed in any way. I am not 100% sure that something happened to get my comics out of synch or if I made a mistake which is why I was wondering if there is an activity log or something so I could track it down. Anyways, I will go ahead and answer your questions in case it would help.

  1. I was using the Web App (Comic Connect) on my PC on the Edge Browser.
  2. I currently have 3574 comics in my database.
  3. I think I confused you as far as what DB’s I was referring to. I use Covrprice and Comic Book Realm as well as your app, and I keep them manually in synch. Both of the other solutions show 3576 comics. Somehow I lost 2 comics in the Comics Connect app.
  4. I also use your mobile app, but I think it already autosynched.
  5. My CLZ Username is also Voltus.

I hope that clears up some of what I was talking about.

If there isn’t some easy way to tell what I did yesterday, I will just have Covrprice provide me another export and import it into your app again. Thank you for your quick response and any assistance.

But how many comics do you see in the CLZ Comics mobile app?


So that is the same as your Comic Connect software.
Now I am confused about what the problem is :slight_smile:

Sorry to be confusing. My Covrprice and Comic Book Realm databases both show 3576 comics. I always enter the comics into those two solutions as well as yours at the same time. I am 99% sure that all 3 sources should have been in synch and I should see 3576 in the Connect app as well. After I messed with the Find Duplicates feature in the Connect app, I seemed to have lost two comics so that the Connect App only shows 3574. I tried to go through all of the comics sorted by Date added on all three apps and it looks like they should still be in synch. I also tried to go through every series to see what might be missing , but it was tedious and I failed to find what was missing.

That sounds like the Find Duplicates tool found 2 duplicates and you let it remove those.
I’ll try to find out which ones they are.

Looking at our server logs, these are 3 comics that were deleted from your account yesterday:

  • X-Force, Vol. 1 #4A: Direct Edition
  • Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 #257A: Direct Edition
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1 #8

I suspect the first 2 are the ones you are looking for, as these were removed within 20 seconds of each other. The third one was removed 8 minutes later.

Hope that helps,

You are absolutely correct! Thank you so much for the help!

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