Is there an Issue with

I just wanted to check if there was an issue with the cloud or my account.

I’m trying to log into the cloud to fix some more of my unlinked comics and when I got the the log in page and enter my password it refreshes to that page as if I’ve entered the wrong password. I have gone in and reset my password, which appears to have worked but then when I go back and try and log in again I still can’t log in. I have tried resetting my password twice, and also used two different browers, without any luck.

I know the password change has worked because I have update that in the app and I can get back into it, but it won’t let me into the cloud. Any thoughts?



There are no known issues with CLZ Cloud at the moment.

Are you using a VPN maybe? If so, can you try without?

Hi @CLZ_Alwin,

I think that might have been the issue, I was at a friends house, Good to know for the future.

Thank you.