It's about time the search function was fixed!

For a long time I would search with a key word (in the upper right hand corner) to find a movie and all the titles with that key word shows up but when I used to click on “view all results” I would mostly get a odd list of movie titles that was different than the original results.

FINALLY, your update fixes most of that. I don’t use the split screen option as I don’t mind using my mouse buttons to go back to the earlier screen.

However, I still get results showing up that don’t have the the key word in the title of the movie. It still includes results that list that keyword from the IMDB site.

Still this is better than how it used to be when I clicked on “view all results.” At least now all the movie titles with the keyword search show up when I click on “view all results.”

I brought this subject up a while ago and the response was that it was way it was originally set up. I’m just glad it now behaves in the way I would expect it to.

Happy to hear you like the new search function.

That said,

We don’t use keywords from IMDb, so that must not be the case here. The new search function was all about “selecting the movie in your collection from the Search as you type suggestions”

The new function was not about searching “just a word”, in fact that shouldn’t have really changed in this new update.

I remember we had a talk about this, but could you, please, again for us show me some screenshots where you’re searching a word, and finding something you did not expect to find?

Here’s what was changed

Hi there, I know what changed and I love it. However per your request let me share with you what I’m talking about.

OK, I do a keyword search for “girls” and here’s my results…


OK, that’s cool, I see I have five titles that has the keyword “girls” in it. Then, I click on “View all results” and here’s the results…

OK, cool again right? The original five movies with the name “girls” in the movie title are at least now showing up in the final results. But, instead of the original five just showing up, there’s also an additional nine titles that show up too.

Those additional nine titles do not have the key word “girls” in their movie titles. However, when I click on say for example “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” (1978) (…Note, the keyword “girl” is not in the title called “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” the results from IMDB does show it within the description…

The back of the jewel box does not even have the word “girls” on it, that key word only (as far as I know) shows up on the IMDB description.

In this case I really don’t care as all I wanted all this time is for the results to show the images of the front covers of the movies that were included within the “View all results” list.

It used to be I would select a keyword and get some results of movies I owned and after clicking on “View all results” sometimes none of those titles would show up and/or there’d be a few titles that was not originally on the search results but the keyword ended up on the IMDB description.

I hope that helps!

Ah, I thought you were saying it was searching keywords from IMDb, but it is about the description: yes indeed, the “show all results” will show results where “girl” is in any of the fields. Including the plot description.

It is on our feature request list, and will likely make it to Connect at some point, to let you modify the searchbox with a dropdown to only search a particular field (and Title will be one of them).

Thanks for explaining!