Just a question for the future: is there an app for Club CLZ?

Just curious:

I know this is a new development, but are you guys planning on creating an app for Club, instead of it solely being webbrowser-based? :grimacing:


This forum has been created with the open-source Discourse software. And they have an app that lets you add forums to it.
Just download the “Discource Hub” from the App Store or Play Store. Start it and add “club.clz.com”. Log in and go!


Awesome! Thanks Alwin! As always, thanks for all the hard work you and the team do to put out such an awesome product, and the great community you have helped to create!

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When i joined up, i got option to add as an app. Android phone.


Awesome, instantly done. :clap:t2:

I just installed the DiscourceHub app on my Android and added the club.clz.com site to the app, but when I click on it, all it does is open this forum in the phone’s default browser. @John_Potten how exactly did you get the Club CLZ app icon on your home screen?

@John_Potten I found it on the club.clz.com mobile site in the menu. All good now.

Thanks @CLZ_Alwin ! I installed Discourse Hub, and added Club CLZ and some other Discourse forums I frequent.

I’d also love to know how you got the app to have the “CLUB CLZ” appearance.

I think what he did is just add the website as an icon to his phone desktop.
That is not the Discourse Hub app.

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In the samsung browser it gives this download icon in the search bar. With that I was able to download a mobile version.

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I just went ahead and downloaded the Discourse Hub app, and added club.clz.com as suggested :+1:t2:

Could it be there’s a difference on how the Hub-app handles the link, between Android and iOS?

iOS here and for me adding the club.clz.com to the hub, like Alwin suggested, works perfectly. :+1:t2:

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Just addsd the club app, to my collecting apps collection! Great to be on board!

Yes this is most likely the case :smiley:
I have iOS as well, and for me it’s inside the Discourse Hub app!

Edit: You can add it as an app icon on iOS!
I actually found out today that if I open Safari on my iPhone, then browse to “club.clz.com” and tap on the little “share” bottom middle, I can tap "Add to Home Screen which puts it on my home screen "as an app”.

I made a video for iOS how it works: