Keep dropping multi disc cd

When I add a 3 disc cd and try to merge it into a single disc , when I try to add the third disc it deletes the first 2 discs and the track list go to 0 . I did this 15 time s, with the same results.

I have merged multi discs 40 or more no issues, thanks

Hi @robert222 , I’m a bit confused how you’re merging 3 discs into 1 disc.

Am I correct in assuming you are merging 3 albums (all with 1 disc with tracks), into “1 album” with “3 discs” that should all still have tracks?

But since it worked before - is this something that is broken for “any album you’re merging” now, or just the same 3 you’re always trying?

If so, could you show me this in a video?
You can record your screen via this website:

You can send me the file(s) via:

This happens on this disc, the rest work fine. I’m just going leave this has 3 discs, I don’t have much more hair to loose

If you do find a hair you might be able to lose, I would really want to get to the bottom of this, but to do that I have to reproduce the problem.

If you can tell me which albums you’re trying to merge, or you can show me in a video, I can investigate for you!

Thank you for the screenshots!

I understand this is about the Windows version (it was posted in the Music Connect web-app forum - I’ve moved the topic now).

So in this screen:

Can you hold CTRL on your keyboard and select all 3 albums, then the add button should change to “Add as MULTI-DISC” and it will immediately add it as 1 album with 3 discs!

is that the add albums button, if so it does nothing

If you hold CTRL on your keyboard, then select all 3 results the add button will change

Like so:

Here’s a video where I show you I scan 3 CDs, and then hold CTRL on my keyboard, select all 3 results, and the Add button changes to “Add 3 as Multi-Disc Album


When I entered the three discs it only showed 2discs album. I’m going to just enter them. I don’t know it something is not working correctly but I’m just going to leave it has it is. Thanks for your dedication, I’m sure the issue isi me.