Keyboard Shortcuts in Collectorz Apps

Hi, does anyone know where I can find the list of keyboard shortcuts used in Collectorz apps, especially Music Collector? I’m from Poland and I have a problem using keyboard shortcuts because the shortcuts used overlap with the shortcuts for Polish characters in Windows.
Can anyone help? How to change the default keyboard shortcuts in Music Collector?
Thank you in advance.

There is no list of keyboard shortcuts.
There is also no way to change keyboard shortcuts in our program.

Is there a specific keyboard shortcut you’re looking for?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I’m looking for a shortcut for the Polish character “ń”, i.s. “left alt+n” when typing in Windows. This shortcut (alt (left or right)+n) appear to stand for “next” (or so) when editing data in music Collector. The rest of Polish characters appears to be provided correctly.

Correction for Polish character “ń”: it should be “right alt+n”, of course

Hm I understand, but unfortunately I’m not able to quickly solve this as you can not disable next/prev keyboard shortcuts.

The ń can also be typed like so:
ALT 324
(324 on the numpad)

Just a workaround, but unfortunately I don’t really have a solution right now. Sorry about that!

thank You, but it doesn’t work. By typing “left alt + 324” I receive D, by typing “right alt + 324” I receive nothing.
Anyway, It would be great to free “right alt+n” from Music Collector. Using “left alt + n” should be enough for common use. Maybe in the future version of this app.