Labeling albums

Is there a way of adding a subtitle to an album tracklist?
For instance, the Kate Bush album Hounds Of Love lists the first 5 tracks under The Hounds Of Love subtitle, while the remaining 7 tracks are listed under The Ninth Wave subtitle. This is a 1 disc collection. It works with multidisc collections, but not single disc

Yes, that is what “headers” are for, basically a way to group tracks.
You can add them in the Tracks tab of the Edit Album screen.

This is not possible with single disc albums, the header tab is greyed out, I can do it by splitting the album into separate discs, but this is not what I want to achieve.

This is how it looks on the track listing

Hounds Of Love

  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

  2. Hounds Of Love

  3. The Big Sky

  4. Mother Stands For Comfort

  5. Cloudbusting

The Ninth Wave

6) And Dream Of Sheep

  1. Under Ice

  2. Waking The Witch

  3. Watching You Without Me

  4. Jig Of Life

  5. Hello Earth

  6. The Morning Fog

Hope this makes , otherwise can I say what a fantastic app it is.

It IS possible with single disc albums.
You just need to SELECT the disc entry first.