Lady Death Missing from core

Lady Death: Majestic #1
Rose Petal Pearl Edition
Ryan Kincaid(CA)
Ltd 25

Lady Death: Hot Shots #1
Octagon Edition
Signed & Sketched by Diego Bernard(CA)
Ltd 8

Book was only released Graded by CGC

Hi, thank you for posting. I added it as a black blank as all of the 8 copies would be different and this is what the actual book would be before the sketch. You can always import your own cover. Cool to see that there is custom label we don’t have yet. I will add it in the coming week!

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Thanks for the response. The Majestic book is actually limited to 25. Not 125 as you input it. Also it’s “Rose Petal Pearl Edition”. Not Naughty Luminous Edition.

I think you might be looking at the wrong thing. It says Ltd. 25 on my end and it was not added as Naughty Luminous Edition. My guess is that you’re looking at your own submissions. I will process those right now

ah I see. Should be fixed now!

Thank you for all your help!

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