Lady Death: The Art of Demonic Omens #1

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Can I get the following added as a new series: Lady Death: The Art of Demonic Omens #1

Cover Artist: Diego Bernard
Cover Colorist: Wes Hartman
Artsist: Sorah Suhng, Juan Castro, Hedwin Zaldivarv, Mike Debalfo, Wes Hartman, Monte Moore, Keith Garvey, Mike Krome, Sun Khamunaki, Anhony Spay, Elias Chatzoudis, Marissa Pope, Sanju Nivangune, Gian Carlo Bernal, Ceci de la Cruz, David Harrigan, Dawn McTeigue, Richard Ortiz, David Nakayama, Ryan Kincaid, Maria Laura Sanapo, Ivan Nunes, Sabine Rich, Omar Zaldivar, Rob Liefeld, Jay David Ramos, Stephen Segovia, Elmer Santos

Format: Comic
UPC: 645781704978
Cover Price: $20.00
Cover date: August 2024
Release date: 5th June 2024
Publisher Coffin Comics

Country: USA
Age: Modern
Pages: 28
Language: English


Back Cover:

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Hi Fran, we don’t list artbooks so I would advice to manually add this artbook to your local database. Thank you for reporting.

Hey Rowdy - it’s a cover gallery of all the variants, and is in comic format. :man_shrugging:

This contains art and therefore is considered to be an artbook.

But please, feel free and just manually add this to your local database instead.

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