"Legacy" desktop app

I notice in your description for movie collector app you describe it as a “legacy” app. Are you planning on phasing it out altogether like you did with the Mac version?

I notice the main focus of email updates these day tend to be on the development of the CLZ phone app. I really don’t use my phone for managing my collection (I’m old, and “old skool”) so prefer to have it on a full screen where I can see what I’m doing.

I don’t love the CLZ cloud as much as the desktop app (again, old skool, I like to own things rather than subscribe to them) and have been considering switching to the Windows app (using Parallels on my MacBook) but it looks like it isn’t receiving a much attention as it could these days.


Our development focus is completely on the Connect web-based software (for computer) and on the CLZ mobile apps (for phones and tablets).

The legacy desktop software is still supported and maintained, but it is unlikely that there will be major feature updates anymore. In fact, there haven’t been any for quite a while.

I like to own things rather than subscribe to them

I don’t think that is relevant here, as all our editions (desktop, web and mobile) have been fully subscription based for many years.

I strongly recommend switching to the Connect web-based software.

UPDATE: I checked your account and I see you have already been using the Connect software since April 2022. So I recommend just sticking with that.

Will Connect become “feature complete” with collector at some point? There’s quite some fields from collector missing in connect for now. E.g. box sets cannot be represented sufficiently imho. Details on the purchase of a box set the price cannot be entered in connect, or am I missing something here?

There is very little difference in fields nowadays. The difference is only in the small details that are not used by a lot of people.
Box Sets are a bit more basic indeed, but that is by design, we feel we went a bit overboard with that on Windows :slight_smile:

But as you can see from the Connect what’s new lists, we have been continuously working to bring it closer to the desktop software. Big steps were made last year, with the editing of cast and crew.

However, it is not our goal to bring ALL features and fields to Connect, as we are trying to not make the same mistakes that we made in some areas in the desktop software :slight_smile: For instance, disk caroussel support will never make it to Connect.

That is good to know. My main issue keeping me from switching to connect is indeed the box sets. How should place of purchase and price, e.g., be inserted in connect? This is information specific to the box, not the individual movies in a box.

I understand, that it will remain this basic in the future?

We may add more fields to the Box Set item later.

But… to be honest, that was not on our radar for Movie Connect at all. There are 2 main things that are at the top of our list for Movie Connect:

  • editable episode lists
  • user defined fields

For Box Sets, have you considered a work around like putting the purchase info in the first movie of the box set?
Alternatively, consider adding the boxset as ONE entry in your database.

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Thanks for the details! It’s great that you plan to add editable episodes and user fields! That might come in quite handy.

My work around for box sets is the legacy app for now. The alternatives would mean changing quite some sets and having somewhat inconsistent data. It’s good, that there’s a possibility that the missing fields might be added in the future. It’s actually the only thing stopping me from switching to connect. I’d prefer the web app approach as I could easily use it in Linux.