Limited Edition Number

With all the additional stuff you can add I’m surprised that Limited Edition Number is not implemented.
So many limited edition vinyl releases nowadays have a number on them (I’ve loads) I know you can add manually but this change does not take effect in the iOS version. I have requested this but am told no one wants it.
I’d also like to know also is if someone adds an item with Engineer / Producer / Country / Recording Date / Songwriter or Musicians does this show? I’ve yet to see this on any 1500 items I’ve added from your DB and are all blank.

I’m assuming your question is about Music Collector, so I’ve moved your post to Music Collector forum.

“Limited Edition Number” is indeed not a field currently in Music Collector.
Manually adding a field is possible, but is indeed not synced to CLZ Music iOS or Android. You could choose to perhaps use the TAGS field for this?

We do have such a field on the ideas list by the way, so I’m not sure when you asked this, but it is definitely on our radar.

Our Core online music database does not hold these fields, so those are indeed never downloaded from Core I’m afraid!

I use the Packaging field, so it says for example Limited To 3000.

I put the limited edition number in the notes field.

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Yeah, same here. I use the Notes for stuff like that

Fair enough using notes but it would be better if implemented

I use the Subtitle field for limited edition numbers.