Link Comics to Core, Issue

Hi there,
i usually prepare a ist of my comics as a .txt file and link them after to core on the windows desktop app. But I had a few issues i had problems linking and skipped them on previous imports. Now they get added everytime to the link list… I just want the new files to show to be linked that i just added. what do I miss? Or is it a bug ?

This is intended behavior. This Link Comics screen is meant to show you all unlinked comics.

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Hi @CLZ_Alwin ,
thanks for your super quick response.
I guessed as much and I got a bit confused… my mistake was that I did not right click the selection but went over the main menue. Which shows all as you said. Right click solved the problem :slight_smile: . Cheers

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I really do not want to be annoying here, but, I was wondering, why you prepare a list in txt, then import and link the comics?

Would the add comics screen not be a lot easier to just add the comics right away?

Hey @CLZ_AJ ,
I scan my “hardcopy” comics most the time over the add comics screen via the barcode. But often, when i preorder, I just copy the preorder list, and use that to batch import all the comics as orderd etc. before they arrive. After that I link them to core and grade them.
I do the same for all the digital comics (minus grading). I haven’t found a quicker way to do so for batch import, but maybe i missed something? Most the time I still have to do quite a bit of cleanup as I cant add the release date as it seams.

the text import in the Windows version is indeed limited to just the fields you see there.

I guess there’s no quick way to add all of those in the Add Comics screen so this might indeed be your fastest way.

The web-app, Comic Connect, does have a text import that can import any field - might be fun to check that out on your next go?

Hey AJ,
nice info thanks! I just dont think I would relay on the web app alone atm. I am happy with the mobile app for when I am on the way and the windows one since I preferer to store everything locally and have more “access” then on the web app. I alway try to find the most efficient way though, but I guess I would have to pick then between the Windows App and the web based since it will get to pricy only for that feature :wink: .

A neat little (free) trick: you can actually use the website, log in, and do an import there as well. Try it with like 2 or 3 comics. Then sync to your desktop, then do the linking. It would allow you to import more fields.

But of course if you’re happy with your current process, that is completely fine!

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Oh nice, I didnt know that it has the option as well. Will defenitly give that a try then!