Link to Core - Genre

I find that when I link to Core, Genre info is not included. I usually resolved this by re-editing and updating specific data.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this incorrect or is this expected behavior?



How is Linking to Core related to Genres?
Do you mean Update from Core?

Also, which edition of the program is this about?

I was using Music Connect. When I link to Core to capture album cover, etc. it doesn’t include Genre info. I have to edit and update the Genre info in a 2nd step.

Let’s take step back first: how come you need to Link to Core?
( I feel I am missing some context here )

Once upon a time, I built data from a different DB using CSV format. It didn’t have album cover data.

I used link to core to pull additional info from core and wanted to include Genre information but it was missing. I had to edit and update from core after the fact to include (most importantly) the Genre info.

I was just wondering if this was intended behavior or if I may have missed something to pull it initially.